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The Copy Collective is a group of creative and professional writers, specialising in website content writing, social media marketing, brand tone of voice and published content.

Based in Pembrokeshire Nia, now the female force behind the collective, started out as a freelancer in 2014. Working with local businesses to build strong customer relationships and develop a unique voice amongst the noise, Nia began working closely with other professionals in the industry and formed The Copy Collective in early 2017.

Working with Nia, the GIF queen (we’re serious!), was a delight!

After some time of thoughtfully gathering her team of wordsmiths, Nia reached out to us to take the next step in bringing her vision to life and we welcomed The Copy Collective to the internet with a simple but eye-catching online identity.

What we did!
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    Talking through the vision
    We spoke with the team at The Copy Collective at length to fully understand their vision, their clients and therefore how their website should be laid out in order to provide an effective service to their clients. This included competitor research, user analysis and defining the websites structure.
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    Forming ideas and concepts into visual designs
    Now we have a fully formed concept and clear working path, it's time to get creative. We created a few variations of a finalised design and discussed each aspect from each design., and crafted a vinal mockup which would soon become the website.
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    The techy part!
    Now we have a finished design, but we need to get it online for the world to see! We built their website using Wordpress, an open source CMS that allows for dynamic development and easy management by The Copy Collective team.
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